Vote 1-2-3 to replace Ed Lee



Mayoral candidate Amy Farah Weiss has united with fellow candidates Francisco Herrera and Stuart Schuffman as part of a ranked-choice voting coalition to give incumbent Ed Lee a run for his money in the 2015 Mayor’s Race. Join the Vote 1-2-3 to Replace Ed Lee Facebook group to interact with the candidates and voters like you who care about shaping our future through participatory democracy. Read an article by fellow candidate Stuart where he reminds SF residents that “Your city needs you right now. It’s in danger of losing everything that makes it wonderful, and all you have to do to save this glorious place is care…and vote.”

Tune into The DreX Show on KGO radio 810AM on Tuesday Sept. 29th at 7PM to hear Amy, Francisco, and Stuart come together in the studio to share our reasons for running and our vision for SF policies.

Fit for print: The growing list of endorsements for Amy & Francisco

Isn’t it news that the tens of thousands of San Francisco’s city workers, nonprofit workers, educators, and health professionals represented by SEIU 1021 have voted to endorse grassroots candidates Francisco and Amy instead of the incumbent Mayor? Shouldn’t it make the Examiner that the teachers of United Educators of San Francisco voted to rescind the endorsement of Ed Lee for Mayor? And how can local media continue to say that Ed Lee is without “real” or “serious” challengers when Amy’s campaign has now been endorsed by SF Taxi Workers Alliance, SF Tenants Union, SF Green Party, SF Women’s Political Committee, Richmond District Democratic Club, Potrero Hill Democratic Club, District 8 Democratic Club, SF For Democracy, Brownie Mary Democratic Club, SF Democratic Women in Action, Evolve, Supervisor John Avalos, Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi, Kevin Danaher, Jennifer Willis, Fernando Marti, the League of Pissed Off Voters, and more?

Weiss/Vote 1-2-3 campaign supporters recently took action and inundated SF Weekly with comments and letters to the editor when they published an article stating that “The Mayor’s Machine Runs Unopposed“. Check out the comments section at the end of the article (which includes the following hard-hitting analysis), and join supporters in writing your own comments and e-mails to local media in support of more articles that focus on the candidates challenging Ed Lee and our take on key issues facing SF.

“I agree with the assessment that your article carries a self-fulfilling prophecy. By focusing on the incumbent who has the presumed reelection, moneyed backers, and the advantage of low voter turnout since it’s a regional election without identifying the fundraising efforts of the mayoral challengers and how they’ve done so much with so little money or staff, you are painting a narrative that voters assume means they have no other options and thus shouldn’t even bother to show up November 3rd. In addition to the one-sided narrative, your article reads like a book report from a campaign finance declaration form. Lee’s hiring of a company affiliated with a consumer of child pornography reads as no more than an afterthought. You fail to mention that while Lee raised so much money during his first election, he still had $300,000 in campaign debt at the time of his election. You say that in 2011 Ed Lee “rolled into a decisive victory,” but gaining the majority of voters in the 12th round in a pool of 16 candidates hardly seem like a mandate to me. The analysis we read is low-hanging political fruit at best and often misleading.”

Want to know what Amy talks about at endorsement speeches?
See for yourself by watching one or more:
Richmond District Democratic Club (Members voted Amy as their #1 Endorsement):
District 8 Democratic Club (Members voted Amy as their #1 Endorsement):
South Beach District 6 Democratic Club (Members voted “No endorsement” for Mayor):

Read Amy’s candidate statement here and watch for it soon on SFGOVTV.