Support the One Year Mission Moratorium on Market Rate Development

Please use the email autogenerator link below to voice support of Supervisor Campos’s emergency ordinance that gives the Mission a year of no luxury development and We the People time craft policies that serve a more multicultural population. We need you to help this pass!  Add your name and address, and edit the statement as desired.

>>>>> Support Campos Emergency Ordinance via Email  <<<<<

ALSO, IN-PERSON ATTENDANCE is really helpful too!  The public has an opportunity to speak before the entire Board of Supervisors who will then vote on the Moratorium urgency ordinance at this meeting.

The hearing on this item will start at 3:00pm. Don’t worry if you can’t get there right at 3:00! If you can’t get to City Hall until after 5:00 that’s ok because public comment will likely last a few hours. Just be sure to enter through the Polk St entrance (the Van Ness entrance closes at 5pm) and get your speaker card in to the clerk so you can get your name in line to be able to speak. Get to City Hall as soon as you’re able and be ready to wait a while before it’s your turn to speak. 
To a more diverse future together in San Francisco!