YES on X – Protect the Best of San Francisco

September 3, 2016

November 2016 PDR Bill Why You Should Support the “Protect the Best of San Francisco” ballot measure on the November 2016 Ballot – Proposition X San Francisco’s many diverse Arts Communities and extraordinary Artists have always been a vital focus of the spirit and soul of our City since the California Gold Rush more than 160 years ago. San Francisco’s many diverse small “PDR” (production, distribution, and repair) businesses have […]

Closed Studios

October 19, 2015

Million Fishes was an incubation program in San Francisco where emerging artists of visual art, filmmaking, choreography / dance, music, conceptual art, new media, interactive art, interarts, and writing could build the tools necessary to establish themselves as contributors. It was located at 2501 Bryant Street (at 23rd Street), and began its operations in November 2003. For nine years, Million Fishes nurtured artists by creating an environment in which they could create, critique, […]

Notes From Technotopia: On The Cruelty Of Indifference

July 15, 2015

An anti-gentrification philosophical tantrum by Guillermo Gómez-Peña, 2015, originally published here.  (In his most recent philosophical tantrum, performance artist and poet Gómez-Peña reflects on the dangers of the ultimate “creative city,” and what it means to become a foreigner in his own neighborhood, waiting for the much touted eviction notice.)   Dear Ex-local artist, writer, activist, bohemian, street eccentric, and/or protector of difference… Imagine a city, your city and your […]