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From Senior Disability Action:
Support elders facing eviction in SOMA---Please help by calling the mortgage company and demand they do not evict!

Melinda Cortez, who is 87, and her husband Alex, who is in his 70s, are facing eviction from their South of Market home of 22 years. When city officials told them their building was structurally unsound, they hired Arcon Construction to fix it up. But instead of just fixing the foundation, Arcon gutted the interior, then hooked them up with a mortgage company to finance the work they were forced to do to live in the home again.

Saxe Mortgage was supposed to make sure the work was done properly, but failed to do so. Arcon failed to finish the job on time, then disappeared, leaving the Cortezes holding the bag for a predatory, unsustainable loan.

Alex and Melinda were foreclosed on, and they are facing eviction unless the community comes together and says we won't stand for it. Join us as we say, "No More Homeless for the Holidays"

Please Call Gene Kristul of Saxe Mortgage at 650-755-7060, 650-755-5064 or 650-755-7293 and tell him that what Saxe is doing is wrong, that evicting 2 seniors is wrong. We need him to come back to the negotiating table.